System Installation At Crompton Greaves For Export Order

Global Technology signs partnership with Treetech

In order to increase Treetech presence in Asia and to seek new niches in the world market, Treetech has partnered with Global Technology in August-2013.

The agreement was sealed in Treetech headquarters in Atibaia, in São Paulo, as a result of a process begun in 2010 with the supply of Brazilian technology for power generation. Since last year Treetech exported sensors and systems for several transformers to Crompton Greaves, Indian multinational centenary of the development sector and research into electric energy.

” Maintenance after blackouts is not the solution to the giant Indian power grid. Monitoring the condition of substations, instead, can contain financial resources and avoid huge economic losses,” summarized Vijay Bhatia, CEO of Global Technology.

Crompton Greaves-Mumbai

The first fruit of the partnership could be observed as early as in September. A month after signing with the new partner, Treetech was in India for installation and commissioning of equipment and staff training for Crompton Greaves and Global Technology, which has already made the prospect for new business in the Indian market.