Power Saving Lights


Power Saving LED Lights

Global Technology provides energy efficient and environment friendly Power Saving LED lighting products to various categories of consumers including Private & Public Organizations, Home, Shopping Malls, Hospitals and the Masses. Global Technology is engaged in the sales & supply of the various types of LED lights, Solar LED lights and many other types of luminaries.

  • Down Light

Warehouses, Factories, Godowns, Industrial Sheds, Logistic Hubs, Banquet Halls (for double height), Commercial Malls


  • Street Lights

Road Lighting, Park, Security Lighting Etc.


  • Panel Lights

Hotels, Conference/Meeting rooms, Offices, Commercial Complexes, Hospitals, Corridors, Schools, Colleges and Other Indoor places


  • Bulb

Cabinets, Hospitals, Hotels, Residential/Commercial/Industrial Places, Shopping Malls, Indoor Table Lamps, Other light sources


  • Facade Lights

Parks, Residential Areas, Hotel Parking, Shopping Malls, Industrial Areas, Public Places, Sports Complexes etc..


  • Hi – Bay

Warehouses, Factories, Godowns, Industrial Sheds, Logistic Hubs, Banquet Halls (for double height), Commercial Malls


  • Tube Light

Hotels, Conference/Meeting Rooms, Factories & Offices, Commercial Complexes, Residential/Institution Buildings, Schools, Colleges & Universities, Hospitals, Shopping Malls & Parking Areas (Under Basement), Places which need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting


  • Well Glass

Industries, Cable galleries in power plants, Conveyors in cement and steel plants, Boiler platforms in power stations


  • LED Flexible Light

LED Ribbon Strip Lights include, signage, interior/exterior lighting, back lighting, accent lighting, under cabinet lighting, landscape lighting and any other lighting projects. Available in a variety of single colors as well as RGB which has can produce over 16 million color hues


  • Highmast Light

The applications for high-mast lights include installations at transportation terminals, other large, outdoor maintenance or storage yards, and specialty roadway applications. The aforementioned freeway interchange installations are probably the most common roadway application, although you will find some high-mast lights within municipalities in busy areas.


  • LED Track Light

Retail Showroom, Jewellery Showroom, Art Gallery, Museum, Wall picture, Commercial & Residential Purpose


  • Solar Light

Residence, Parks/Gardens, Residential Apartments, Commercial Places, Exterior Lawns, Landscape Lighting


  • Bollards

Applications for outdoor bollard lights include illuminating paths, walkways and landscaping.
Outdoor bollard lights, matching wall bollard lights and post top bollard lights are available. These are a perfect complement to the full sized commercial bollard lights. Most Access Fixtures bollards lights come standard in bronze, black or white

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