Upgradation Work Bhilai & Korba Site

Treetech visits India to upgrade systems and expand branding

Encouraged by the growing concern of the Indian government to increase the reliability of the electrical system and avoid daily “blackouts” in some parts of India, the Treetech was represented by engineers Marcos Alves and Heber Pedrosa together with the technical and commercial representatives P Diwan, Padmanabh Desai, Ashutosh Sharma, Deep Roy of Global Technology. They were tasked with updating installed systems, and increase the visibility of Treetech in foreign territory.

Bhilai Substation. Besides, Treetech visited Korba Substation in India.

 One of the updated substations, has a 315 MVA and 400kV transformer monitored online by Sigma4Net, connected to bushings sensors (BM), moisture in oil monitors (MO), temperature sensors (TM1 / TM2) and rupture of membrane monitors (MBR). In another location, the same combination equips a transformer of 250 MVA and 242kV that is directly connected to the thermal power plant generator. Installed in 2009 by Treetech, the systems have undergone a full upgrade by adding new models of diagnostic and prognostic occasioning thus greater reliability to the regional electrical system.

The team visited several manufacturers of assets and utilities in various regions of the country, where the solutions developed by Treetech were presented, including: online monitoring of power transformers, reactors, CTs and circuit breakers, as well as Internet access via demonstrations, in real time, of the various features of Sigma4web monitoring system.

The success demonstrated the level of 100% Brazilian technology that is spread in over 50 countries with more than 85,000 sensors and 400 systems that are in full operation helping to maintain the continuity and reliability of electrical systems.