Digitizing System Smart Trafo

Digitizing System Smart Trafo

Bandeirante Energia S.A is one of the country’s main energy distribution companies, responsible for supplying 28 municipalities of the State of São Paulo, addressing 4 million consumers in one of Brazil’s most developed regions.

In order to provide for system continuity and improve continually the quality of energy delivery to its consumers, Bandeirante ordered from ABB, one of the world’s largest power energy equipment manufacturers, a mobile 138 / 13.8 kV – 17 MVA substation.

A Mobile Substation is basically a set of equipment forming a stand-alone transformation base assembled on a trailer platform. This allows faster and more agile servicing and delivery in:

– preventive maintenance stops;

– emergencies or events;

– work on power networks;

– energy demand in conventional substation planning or building stages;

– load increases in existing substations;

– seasonal or temporary loads;

– transformer substitution in conventional substations;

This transformer left the plant with Treetech sensors (IEDs), which facilitated installing the Smart Trafo digitizing software, allowing Bandeirante to do on-line remote supervision of readings, access the history database and control this equipment remotely.

The flexibility offered by Smart Trafo allowed Bandeirante’s specific needs to be met, such as integration the COS (System Operating Center) through protocol DNP 3.0 and remote access via company intranet, using a standard browser. For these reasons, ABB’s substation department chose Smart Trafo as the ideal solution for this application.

Treetech Delivery

1- Sensors (IEDs), for the command and control project carried out by ABB.

– Temperature Monitors – TM1 and TM2;

– Voltage Regulation Relay – RT;

– Position Indicator – PI;

– Data capture and control modules – DM;

– Converter ADAM RS 485 – RS 232;

– 2U Industrial server, with 800 MHz processor, 20 GB HD and 128 MB SDRAM memory;

2- Smart Trafo digitizing software for the transformer.

– Digitizing of the main magnitudes measured by the TM1, TM2, RT, PI and DM sensors;

3- Services:

– Server installation and configuration;

– Software installation and configuration;

– Test and inspection plan during system implementation;

– Software operation training for substation operators.

Project Highlights

First mobile substation with three-phase transformer (138 / 13.8 kV 17 MVA) with digitizing system through RS485 – 232 serial communication network and Smart Trafo

operational signaling. Users have full control of software, and may define parameters for the sensors installed on the transformer’s panel, as long as their passwords carry the necessary authorities, or yet, generate reports and charts for the readings stored in the database or export them to a text file. Users need only connect their laptops to the substation’s Ethernet to have access to every resource offered by Smart Trafo.

Destaques do projeto

Primeira subestação móvel com transformador trifásico de 138 / 13,8 kV 17 MVA com sistema de digitalização através da comunicação serial RS 485 – 232 e sinalizador do funcionamento do sistema Smart Trafo. Os usuários têm total controle do software, e podem parametrizar os sensores instalados no painel do transformador, desde que suas senhas assim os permitir, ou ainda gerar relatórios e gráficos das medições armazenados em banco de dados ou exportá-los para um arquivo de texto. Basta apenas que o usuário conecte seu laptop na Ethernet da subestação móvel para acessarem todos os recursos oferecidos pelo Smart Trafo.