Emergency Restoration System


Global Technology specializes in Modular Towers used for emergency restoration of high voltage transmission lines. Our towers are light and durable and can be adapted to almost any configuration and loading scenario.

They are erected quickly and use few guy wires because they are built tough and designed with relentless attention to the finest of detail, so they can support heavy conductors over long spans, in extreme weather loading conditions.

Designed for Challenges in Transmission Line Failure

  • Installation in Remote Hilly Areas
  • Withstanding severe weather condition (198km/hr winds, 12mm ice)
  • Supporting ultra-high voltage lines (1200kV)
  • Small Crew required for rapid erection
  • Supporting up to 1000 meter span and longer
  • Heavy Lifting Equipment not needed
  • Adaptable to any configuration
  • Foundation expands for use on soft soils
  • Useable in all types of terrain
  • Packaged for efficient storage and rapid retrieval


For any enquires please Email us on  info@global-technology.in